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We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality marketing research coding at extremely competitive rates, on time, every time! We strive to ensure a seamless and transparent flow between our clients and ourselves by providing superior personalized service.

We apply our knowledge and experience to each client's individual needs,

and your complete satisfaction

is our top priority.

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At CodingExperts our mission is simple:

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“While working with a very demanding client where data analysis is done primarily based on textual data, it was extremely important to find the right coding resource.  We decided to try out CodingExperts and from the word "go," Lynn has been on target with our complicated requirements and has been a partner ever since.

I appreciate her emphasis on quality and willingness to work under demanding conditions.  I would like to congratulate Lynn for running a very knowledgeable coding team, where client satisfaction is the priority.  I would definitely recommend CodingExperts!”

                                            Srinivas Gajam

Global Head of Data Processing                                      World One