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About Us

At CodingExperts we value each and every client, consistently focusing on the service aspects of customer service. Our knowledge and expertise is apparent whether we are assisting you in determining the best way to obtain the information you're looking for or implementing your custom standards and guidelines. We have worked with a wide array of customers, ranging from Fortune 100 companies to advertising agencies, full service research firms and specialty providers.

Whether you require coding help on an occasional basis, as a consistent resource for overflow work or as an alternative to expensive on-site staff, we pride ourselves in delivering timely, accurate, usable data at extremely competitive rates.

Do you need help with other aspects of your research? Our extremely talented experts can handle your data entry, tabulations and presentations as well.

*All work is done in the U.S.

“It is my extreme pleasure to recommend CodingExperts. Lynn and her team are knowledgeable and experienced with the Ascribe software and it reflects in the quality of their work.  CodingExperts is able to handle complex questions and requests, and they are one of the few vendors I feel comfortable with when outsourcing more challenging projects. They build well developed code lists, and provide accurate and quality coding. CodingExperts has always been prompt, even on our occasional rush jobs. Lynn’s team is always eager and willing to take on quick turnaround projects, even during the holidays. Lynn and her team came through for us during the Christmas break, when all other vendors could not accommodate us. CodingExperts were life savers during this busy time in the market research industry. We could not have gotten through the holidays without them!”

Spotlight on CodingExperts

Victoria Bondi

Manager of Coding

C+R Research